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We are a multinational integrated private equity specializing in hospitality, real estate and equity investment in businesses that provide sustainable solutions to existing problems in communities.

Omni Spectrum Holdings

Equity investments and Intellectual properties investments

Omni Spectrum Capital

Secured financing, merger & acquisitions

Omni Investment

Pre-IPO investments and structured IPO journeys

Services We Provide

With a focus on Southeast Asia, OMNI has helped clients to accomplish their business goals through customized consultations.

Whether we are representing a seller or buyer, OMNI’s mix of industry knowledge, experience, leadership team and vast networks enable us to take advantage of opportunities locally and internationally.

Secured Financing

For Asset Owners with Private Properties (we do worldwide), or

For Asset Owners with Major Shareholding in Public Listed Companies (worldwide)

Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Analysis, Representing Buy / Sell Side / Various Corporate Activities

Structured IPO Journey

IPO Diagnostics, Advisory, Financing to Arrangement of Pre-IPO Investments

Equity Investment

Financial Analysis, Fund-Raising, Growth and Expansion

Why Choose Us

OMNI Group have 3 entities that specialize in the various private equity fields. 


Omni Spectrum Holdings:

AUM in Asia with GDV over USD $1.8 billion


Omni Spectrum Capital:

Provided consultation to more than 30 companies in 2019, with clients’ Enterprise Value average ranging from  USD $80 million to USD $120 million per project


Omni Investment:

Provided a full suite of IPO-related services with 8 successful listings to date in HKEX

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