Terms and Conditions


Due Diligence


The Client agrees to provide Omni Spectrum Group with all necessary information regarding the background of the Client’s company. We reserve the right to refuse Clients at our discretion.

Omni Spectrum Group is obligated to comply with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Act, subsidiary legislation, and international anti-money laundering laws to ensure that we “Know Our Client” (KYC). This compliance protects us in the event that any Client uses a structure we setup for illegal activities.

To fulfill our anti-money laundering obligations, Omni Spectrum Group has implemented various KYC procedures relevant to each project. These procedures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining proof of identity from our Clients, including a passport copy and/or National Identification documents.
  • Obtaining a copy of an international bank reference letter.
  • Requesting any other forms of information and documents necessary to perform the relevant checks.

Omni Spectrum Group reserves the right to cancel any or all services if the Client’s activities are deemed illegal. The Client must ensure that Omni Spectrum Group can contact them by telephone or written communication at all times and must notify us promptly of any changes in contact details.

Confidentiality Notice

All transmissions and accompanying files sent out by Omni Spectrum Group contain confidential information intended solely for the specific individual and purpose. These transmissions are private and confidential. Any disclosure, copying, distribution, or taking any action based on the contents of our transmissions and accompanying files is strictly prohibited. If you have received any of our transmissions in error and are not the intended recipient, please contact us immediately. Thank you.